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We create visualisations using advanced 3D software technology to help our clients communicate their projects. Our cost effective solutions have a wide range of uses including public awareness campaigns, community engagement, marketing, emergency planning, to secure funding, both public and stakeholder consultation, tourism and education.

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Vizworx have been instrumental in assisting Flintshire County Council bring to life plans for the future redevelopment of Flint Town Centre. The creative and innovative development of the 3D model has really assisted local stakeholders visualise how the town will look and feel in the future and has been a brilliant engagement tool with local communities.


What do you need to communicate?

A design, a concept, data or maybe an entire project, it could be anything. The old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is certainly true in many cases and we take this a step further.

Why do we create visualisations?

There are many uses for our visualisations but the key purpose is communication. This can be with customers, colleagues, stakeholders or the general public. Our work has been used for such things as public awareness campaigns, community engagement, marketing, training, project presentations, emergency planning, to secure funding, both public and stakeholder consultation, tourism and education.

Some would considered it to be a luxury and many think it would be well beyond their budget. When you see people truly understand a project for the first time, when issues are raised and solutions arrived at then you realise visualisation is an essential part of the process, not a luxury. Our visualisations have saved months, if not years of high level meetings and consultations. We have delivered projects where complex data has been put into a format we can all understand. These visuals bring projects and presentation to life and often for less than you would think.


When we have identified your need for visualisation we will look at and discuss what it is you are trying to convey. We can start with written ideas, sketches, photographs, digital drawings, 3D models, whatever you have.

With you, we will agree on the best approach to visualise your project. We will collect the relevant information, which often involves working with third parties making the most of their expertise, site visits etc. Our Project Managers will keep you updated on our progress throughout the development process via phone, email and interim meetings, we will ensure your requirements are met and surpassed.

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Once your project is complete we can deliver to you in a number of ways, from a full interactive model to video files and images or any combination of these. We deliver on multiple media and platforms including print, web, PC/Mac and mobile devices. If, however, you require further and specific assistance we will not leave you out in the cold and will work with you in order to meet your needs. Our customers often request we attend meetings, presentations and events providing technical expertise and hardware to ensure everything runs smoothly. On many projects we provide this service at no extra cost.


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